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2016 Washington Center for the Performing Arts, Olympia (solo)
2013, 2012 Thomas Studio Gallery, Olympia
2011 Rose Center for the Arts, Lower Columbia College, Longview, Washington, Lt. Governor's Office, State Capitol, Olympia
2009 Tacoma Community College, 7th Annual juried show
2008 KJM Center for the Arts, South Puget Sound Community College, Washington Center for the Performing Arts, Olympia (solo)
2007, 1994, 1988 Multnomah Arts Center, Portland (solo)
1997, 1995, 1992 McGroarty Arts Center, Los Angeles (solo)
1996 Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland
1993 Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles (juried)
1987 Brooks Adobe Gallery, Santa Barbara (solo)
1986 Lancaster Art Museum, L. A. County (juried) Steven Keeley Gallery, Seattle (solo)
1984 University of Portland Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center, Portland (solo) Portland Building Metropolitan Gallery (solo)
1983 William Temple House, Portland (solo) Northwest Artist's Workshop, Portland
1979 Cheney Cowles Museum, 31st Spokane Annual (juried)


Washington State Arts Commission
University of Alaska
Portland Regional Arts & Culture Commission Visual Chronicle
U.S. Bank of Oregon (former)
Burns Brothers Inc.
The Bill Naito Family
Mr. Homer Williams
Mr. Jeff Waddle
Mr. Mike McMenamim
Moyer Theaters
Peter Carlson Enterprises, Los Angeles
West FX, Los Angeles
Fister Quarries, Chicago
Mehta Partners, New York
Bond Financial, Seattle


(360) 561-0011


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Michael Lindenmeyer, Artist:

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