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Michael Lindenmeyer is a self taught artist from the Northwest. He was born in Portland, Oregon in 1950 and began painting seriously in 1977 in watercolor. One year later he began showing and selling his art .

Michael is fascinated by the built environment: old buildings, cityscape, railroads and industrial artifacts. He strongly believes in the power of art to document, investigate and perhaps reveal new truths about the way we live. There is a strong dose of humor and quite a bit of story telling.

Michael traveled the West Coast many times with pencil and sketchbook gathering raw material on location for his studio work. He added several media to his repertoire; wax crayon, silkscreen and pastel. He had numerous solo gallery exhibits from 1983 to 1997 and sold paintings to prominent Portland business owners. His works are also in several public collections including Washington State Arts Commission and Portland's Visual Chronicle Collection.

By the mid 1990s Michael was exploring the conjunction of art and legend spending two years on the series The New Adventures of Paul Bunyan, reinterpreting the early industrial myth for the multi-ethnic digital era. He was also inspired to work with the archetypes Mermaid and Clown. After 1997 he discontinued gallery shows to focus intensely on the creative process and reevaluate his professional goals. Beginning in 2001 he stopped painting pictures and worked on four series of conceptual/assembly art some of which are shown on the web site as Assemblage.

In 2007 Michael returned to the Northwest to stay and started making new pastels and watercolors as well as showing in galleries again. He currently divides his time between his permanent residence in Oregon and a satellite studio in Olympia. For over 35 years he has been telling our stories in a variety of media, free from established art expectations. He hopes the viewer will experience the paintings as full of life, fun and engaging.



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