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Love & Bullets
Come, let us go for a walk in the Waste Land. Oh yeah, every girl’s dream date, picking through the rusty shotgun shells and broken glass. Danger, violence, accident, mortality, the tension between the sexes, it’s all in there. I gleaned my materials from the old shooting grounds in Angeles National Forest and from the Tujunga wash. It was my challenge to take this “toxic” material and transform it into something lighter and more hopeful, something both poignant and funny at the same time. A gesture in Time and Space which we call ART.

20,000 Bullets Beneath the Sea
26" x 24"
The Oregonism
30" x 18"
Click image for larger view and details
Click image for larger view and details
Luv Tokens
30" x 16"
The Bad Hair Day
32" x 20"
The Scarlet Bullet
27" x 24"
Click image for larger view and details
Click image for larger view and details
Click image for larger view and details



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